Clay Shooting: For the Family!

Nothing feels better than getting out of the house early on a weekend and spending the day clay shooting. Waking up the kids, grabbing the spouse and heading to your nearest Clay Shooting Club.

Mike Wilgus with his daughter, Kayla

Clay shooting can be a great hobby to bring the entire family together. With the help of clay shooting clubs all over the nation – clay shooting is becoming a very accessible sport.

Everyone of all ages should have the basics of gun handling and safety down before taking the field. Take some time to familiarize everyone with the gun if its their first time out. Give them time to find comfort in a hold, get their mounting down. Determine their dominant eye. Especially if you are borrowing equipment from the club and not using a gun that has been fitted to the shooter. If you do have your own gun but have not gotten it fit yet – Cole Fine Guns and Gunsmithing offer gun fittings from our highly skilled gunsmiths and salesmen.

Anthony Matarese with his daughter

Clay shooting is a great way to bond the entire family – dads, daughters, sons, moms, everyone will have a blast. Its challenging, its fun, and it can be competitive. Keep the whole family connected with this group hobby!




There are clay shooting clubs all over the country with resources to help you get started today- here are some of our favorites:


Get out there with the family today! From our family to yours – Happy Holidays and Happy Thanksgiving. We are grateful for you all!




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