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Meet the Team

Cole Gunsmithing is a family business with a passion for great customer service. Our team of gunsmiths and support staff believe that servicing your gun should be an enjoyable experience. That’s why, when you call Cole Gunsmithing, you will always speak to someone on our team that has personal, hands-on experience with the products we sell and maintain. We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce some of our key team members.

Rich Cole

“I really like to make stocks, just 25-30 custom stocks per year working closely with the customer to do them really well”

Rich is a true artisan with a lifetime devotion to the craft of gunsmithing. Growing up in Washington D.C. in the late 60s and early 70s, with no video games to waste the days away, his spent free time building models and other hands-on projects of his generation. Rich was introduced to basic mechanics and machine tool theory and operation as a youth by his dad, who was a scientist at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics lab and a gunsmithing hobbyist.

In 1979, being in the right place at the right time, Rich was hired by BerettaUSA who recognized his aptitude and eagerness to learn. From there, he bounced back and forth between working Beretta’s Accokeek Maryland location and apprenticing in Gardone Val Trompia, Italy. His stints in Gardone offered extensive training on the 680 series shotgun, which to this day remains a tried and true favorite. Since that time, he has built a career spanning more than 30 years.

While Rich enjoys the creativity and challenge of custom stock building, he also finds a personal zen in the rhythm and flow of fitting barrels. Being one of the specific tasks trained for at Beretta Italy, a properly fitted barrel is essential to the feel of a quality gun.

Rich has had the opportunity to work on a number of fine guns made by elite gun makers. Discriminating gun owners trust their fine firearms to Cole’s expertise. If a certain repair or stocking job is outside of his bailiwick, Rich will try to refer clients to a trusted colleague. Rich is passionate about working with customers to select the right gun for their needs, achieve proper fit, and provide ongoing service to ensure proper function for years to come. With his extensive knowledge of a wide variety of the world’s best shotguns, at the end of the day, Rich still believes that the basic Perazzi MX and Beretta 680 series are among the best lines of guns on the market. Incredible balance, near mechanical perfection, and optimal for affordable and high-end customization.

Jona Cole

Manager –  Cole South

After a 20-year career in social services, Jona married Rich Cole and moved to Florida in 2010. Jona handles marketing and business management, human resources and financial management. She enjoys shooting from time to time and continues to marvel at the fact that she can actually break a target here and there or have some success in the field! Jona loves visits with her granddaughter and time with family and friends, and enjoys soaking in the Florida sunshine while reading at the beach.

Kelly Field

Manager –  Cole North

Kelly grew up in Harpswell, Maine and was recruited to the team in 2008. As the office manager for Cole Gunsmithing North, she is responsible for oversight of all Cole North operations, including the website, product photography, gun sales, inventory management, and other daily management activities. Kelly has a reputation as our parts guru and has built many lasting relationships with customers over the years. She enjoys spending her free time with her daughter, playing on the coast and is very close to her family and friends.

Jim Bellegarde

Gunsmith –  Cole North

An interest in firearms and hunting led Jim to the Cole Gunsmithing team more than a decade ago. He specializes in the repair and upgrade of Beretta semi- auto shotguns, is involved in bluing, stock customization, wood finishing and basic gun fitting. He enjoys working with customers to achieve maximum performance. Jim is also a book collector and likes hunting and other outdoor activities.

Bob Guyton

Gunsmith –  Cole North

Bob has attended too many industry schools to count and is well versed in general repair, with a specialty of Beretta 682 service work and barrel fitting.

Larry Cole

Machinist –  Cole South

An aptitude and interest in mechanics had Larry working at the gunsmithing bench from the time he was a small boy. Larry started his professional career working for an aerospace CNC machine shop, where he became proficient in lathe work, engineering and design of prototype parts. In 2012, he returned to the family business in Florida where he has developed a passion for designing and creating obsolete parts, as well as wood refinishing and stock customization. In his free time, he enjoys fishing and time with his wife, Megan, their dogs, family and friends.

Megan Cole

Shipping Coordinator/Office Manager

Megan enjoys providing excellent customer service. She is responsible for coordinating repairs, and shipping and receiving for Cole South; She takes great care in the packing and shipping of our customer’s firearms. In her free time she enjoys the beach, the coast of Maine, fishing with her husband and spending time with family and friends.

Brandon Cole

Gunsmith –  Cole South

Growing up with Rich in the Maine shop has cultivated Brandon’s passion for fine Italian Shotguns. He works in the Naples and Sarasota shops and specializes in Beretta repairs, stock customization, stock fitting and sales. Brandon has also taken a special interest in the business of TSK adjustable stocks and has had training in San Antonio  to become a Blaser certified gunsmith. Other than his love for gunsmithing he is passionate about exploring the outdoors and spending time with his wife, Alexis, and dogs, Hank & Gunner.

Robin Moore

Customer Support –  Cole North

Robin handles all your Beretta Shotgun Parts orders and shipping needs.

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