Meet Casey Deth

Casey is our newest gunsmith that has transferred down to Naples Florida from Vermont. He has quickly proven his gunsmithing ability and continues to be a driving force in the gunsmithing department.

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Gunsmithing Tips & Tricks

The Importance of a Tight Stock Bolt

One of the most Important parts on a shotgun is the stock bolt.  It is imperative that it is tight.  Here at Cole Gunsmithing, we see a large majority of broken stocks.  Whether they come in for replacement or repair it is mostly always because the stock bolt has become loose. An easy way to know if the stock bolt has become loose is if you can feel the stock wiggling against the receiver, this is due to the bolt slowly backing out.

In order to check, or tighten the stock bolt, all that needs to be done is two easy steps.  First remove the recoil pad and pad spacer if applicable.  Second tighten the stock bolt.  You will need the properly sized tool, whether it is a long screwdriver, or an Allen wrench. When tightening the stock bolt, you can use a small amount of thread sealant to maintain the tightness, and it should be reasonably very tight.

It is good practice to clean and grease your gun after every use.  It also would be beneficial to check the stock bolt annually, based on how much use the gun gets.

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