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About Cole Gunsmithing

Established in 1985, Cole Gunsmithing is one of only four (4) Beretta Warranty Service Centers nationwide and is also skilled in the general service of Perazzi and Caesar Guerini Shotguns. Owner Rich Cole and his team are well-known as the Beretta experts here in the United States. Trained by the Beretta factories, Cole Gunsmithing knows Italian shotguns.

We are the exclusive dealer for both Beretta Premium Shotguns and Perazzi shotguns in both Maine and Florida. Florida’s only Perazzi Shotgun Dealer and Beretta Premium Shotgun Dealer. In addition, we are stocking dealers for Benelli, Luciano Bosis, Caesar Guerini, and FabArm and Zoli. Our company is a full-time facility offering best-quality gunsmithing services in two modern shops equipped with state of the art machinery and tooling.

Rich Cole has spent many years building strong relationships with the top Italian shotgun vendors. This has given us access to the very best quality products and the ability to provide the highest quality custom shotguns. The team at Cole Gunsmithing is passionate about working with customers to build guns with a beautiful look and perfect fit. Rich travels to Italy regularly to hand-select premium wood in the finest Turkish Walnut, and commission beautiful hand-engraving by some of Italy’s master engravers.

While most of our work is done in-house, we are proud to have built relationships with some of the best specialists in the world for certain processes such as color case hardening, electroplating, and some choke tube work. We believe it is important to understand that the gunsmithing trade is highly specialized and that we cannot be experts in every facet in the trade; therefore we have no problem referring customers with certain jobs to others in the trade that may specialize in their specific need. We are glad to do this in order to provide our customers access to the best possible skills available.

So, whether you are a beginner looking for a standard shotgun, a competitive clay sports shooter demanding the utmost in quality and performance, a collector looking for something unique, a hunting enthusiast or anywhere in between, Cole Gunsmithing is committed to the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

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